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Takara Tomy Dransword Beyblade X
Takara Tomy Hells Scythe Beyblade X
Takara Tomy Wizard Arrow Beyblade X
Takara Tomy Knight Shield Beyblade X
Takara Tomy Knight Lance Beyblade
Takara Tomy Dranzer Spiral Beyblade

About Our Takara Tomy Beyblade X Toys

The Beyblade X Beyblades that we sell are all high quality Takara Tomy (they are the Japanese version beys). Here your will find our vast selection of high quality Beyblades, not online from the X series, but from the Metal series and the Burst series as well. We take a lot of pride in all of the products that we sell, and we have been in the Beyblade business since 2017. Here at BeyStation you will find only the best, whether it be Beys or Beyblade accessories.

Accept no imitation - Takara Tomy Beyblades are amongst the highest quality toys that you can get. There are many cheaper, lower quality brands of Beyblades out there, so be sure that you go with TT if you want the best quality, durability, and performance. And if for some reason anything does happen to go wrong with any of our products, we proudly offer a no questions asked 60-day return policy, which applies to ANY order placed on our website.

Also, many of our Takara Tomy Beyblade X Beyblades come with the all new "Beyblade X winder launcher" ripper, which is far better than launchers from the previous Beyblade generation. This is because they have 2 internal gears, creating a higher gear ratio, which results in a much faster spin rate when launching a bey. This is a huge upgrade that launchers have needed for a long time now, and this is arguable the best thing about the Beyblade X series Beyblades.