Beyblade Burst String Launcher LR BeyLauncher Ripper Blue

Beyblade Burst String Launcher LR BeyLauncher Ripper

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Beyblade Burst String Launcher LR BeyLauncher Ripper (Blue). Compatible With ALL Beyblade Burst Beyblades. NOT Compatible With Metal Series Beyblades (this launcher is ONLY compatible with Burst Beyblades.) This is an UNBRANDED Product - it Does NOT Come in Retail Packaging.

This Beyblade Burst LR string launcher is dual spin - it do can both left spin and right spin, and is compatible with left spin and right spin Burst Beyblades. Combine it with our Beyblade Burst launcher grip for even more control, and more precise launches. The B-119 Beyblade Burst BeyLauncher LR Ripper makes it much faster and easier to launch yours Beys quickly, which is especially helpful if you are just playing against yourself, with multiple beys.

Win more battles than ever before with this Burst string ripper - it will surely improve your game, and it will definitely give you an advantage over those that are using a regular pullcord style ripper. This is the blue colored version. Works great with any and all Burst series beys. Excellent for any type of battles, and works best when used with a grip.

  • Beyblade Burst String Launcher LR
  • Compatible With ALL Beyblade Burst Beyblades
  • NOT Compatible With Metal Series Beyblades (Only Compatible With Burst)
  • Dual Spin - Can Do Left Spin And Right Spin!
  • Works With Left-Spin And Right-Spin Beyblades
  • Provides a Super Powerful Rip
  • Increases The Accuracy of Your Launches
  • This Burst BeyLauncher LR Can Be Used With a Launcher Grip
  • Series: Beyblade Burst
  • Brand: Unbranded
  • Model: B-119
  • MPN: UBBSL-B119
  • Color: Blue / Black
  • Comes In Non-Retail Packaging (No Box Included)
  • Brand New

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