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Beyblade Launcher Grip Metal Fusion BB15

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Metal Fusion Beyblade Launcher Grip (BB15). Compatible With ALL Beyblade Launchers, String Launchers, And Rippers (Except for Beyblade Burst And Beyblade X). The Metal Fusion BB-15 Beyblade grip makes it much easier to hold onto your launcher, which also makes it much easier to get a more powerful and accurate launch.

Improve your game and win more battles in the stadium with this classic bey accessory. This Beyblade Metal Fusion launcher grip is from the Metal saga, and it works with any of the beys from the Metal Fusion, Metal Masters, Metal Fury, and Shogun Steel series. Made from durable plastic - this Beyblade ripper grip extremely rugged. Using a Beyblade string launcher grip definitely gives you a very big advantage in the arena, against people that are not using a Beyblade grip.

This is the black BB15 Beyblade launcher grip (from the Metal Saga series.) It is also known as a BeyLauncher grip - because of the fact that it also works with pull string launchers, such as the BB115 string BeyLauncher LR. Also fully compatible with the light launcher 2 (LL2) ripper, BB110 right spin launcher, and L Drago left spin launchers. Locking your launcher into this shooter grip is very easy, and once it is locked in, it won't come out.

This metal fusion grip provides a very sturdy connection to your launcher. Once you start using Beyblade grips, you won't believe how much more powerful your rips will be, and how much your accuracy will increase. Comes in Non-Retail Packaging.

  • Beyblade Metal Fusion Launcher Grip (BB-15)
  • Compatible With ALL Beyblade Launchers And String Launchers (EXCEPT For Burst And Beyblade X)
  • Compatible With Left Spin And Right Spin Launchers
  • Beyblade Launcher Grips Provide Greater Stability And Control
  • Increases The Power And Accuracy of Your Launches
  • Holds Your Launcher Firmly in Place
  • This Beyblade Launcher Grip is Made From Durable Plastic
  • Works With String Launchers (BeyLaunchers)
  • Works With Regular Launchers / Rippers
  • Style: Metal Fusion Beyblade Grip
  • Compatible With Light Launcher And Light Launcher 2 (LL2)
  • Compatible With BB115 Dual LR String Launcher
  • Compatible With BB110 String Launcher
  • Compatible With L-Drago Left Spin Launchers
  • Series: Metal Saga
  • Brand: Unbranded
  • Model: BB15
  • MPN: BBG-BB-15
  • Color: Black
  • Brand New (Comes in Non-Retail Packaging)

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