Takara Tomy Diablo Nemesis Beyblade
Takara Diablo Nemesis Beyblade BB-122
Diablo Nemesis X:D BB122 Beylade Toy With Launcher
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Diablo Nemesis Beyblade Metal Fury Beyblade

Takara Tomy Diablo Nemesis Beyblade Metal Fury BB-122 X:D 4D - With Launcher

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Diablo Nemesis Beyblade Metal Fury Starter Set (With Launcher). This Japanese Takara Tomy Diablo Nemesis X:D Bey is one of the most powerful Metal Fury Beyblades. The Diablo Beyblade is a Balance style Bey, but it can also be switched to "attack mode" if desired. This is the heaviest Beyblade ever made, with the exception of the Shogun Steel / Zero G synchrome combination Beys. Diablo Nemesis BB-122 weighs 63 grams total, which is why it is also one of the most POWERFUL Beyblades ever made. This is the Japanese version (Takara Tomy).

Comes with everything you need to play (Diablo Nemesis Metal Fury Beyblade, metal wheel, clear wheel, face bolt, 4d bottom w/ integrated track and performance tip, sticker set, assembly tool, and light launcher 2 (LL2) bey launcher / ripper). All parts included. Add a metal face bolt and metal tip for even more power. Battle with your friends in your favorite beystadium - let it rip!

Compatible with all Beyblade launchers except for Beyblade Burst and Beyblade X. Works with any launcher or string beylauncher from old Beyblade Metal Fury, Metal Fusion, Metal Fight, Metal Masters, and Shogun Steel / Zero G series. You can build the super powerful "Basalt Diablo Horogium" bey combo by combining it with the Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Beyblade. Diablo Nemesis' modes are "ultimate balance" and "attack mode". This is a metal Beyblade, from the Japanese "Metal Saga" line of Bey Blades. In the Metal Fury Beyblades tv series, the real Diablo Nemesis X:D owner is Rago.

  • Brand New Takara Tomy Diablo Nemesis Beyblade (BB122)
  • Beyblade Metal Fury / Metal Saga
  • Includes Metal Wheel / Fusion Wheel (Diablo)
  • Includes Energy Ring / Clear Wheel (Nemesis A)
  • Includes Metal Core
  • Includes Face Bolt (Nemesis A)
  • Includes Spin Track
  • Includes Performance Tip (X:D)
  • Includes Sticker Set
  • Includes Light Launcher 2 (LL2) Ripper
  • 4D Beyblade / 4D System
  • Weight: 63 Grams
  • Type: Balance
  • Series: Metal Fury Beyblades
  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • Model: BB-122
  • MPN: XD-BB122-X-D
  • UPC: 4904810428022
  • Compatible With ALL Launchers And Rippers (Except For Burst)
  • Japanese Diablo Nemesis Takara Tomy Beyblade
  • Brand New In Box, Factory Sealed in Retail Packaging
  • Includes Launcher / Ripper!

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