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Takara Tomy Beyblade X Launcher Grip BX-11
Beyblade X Grip

Beyblade X Launcher Grip BX-11 Takara Tomy

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Takara Tomy Beyblade X Launcher Grip BX-11. Provides excellent control and stability when launching Beyblade X Beyblades, which increases the accuracy of your launches. Using a Beyblade grip generally increases the power and speed of your launches as well. Brand new; comes factory sealed in retail packaging.

The Takara Tomy BX-11 launcher grip is compatible with Beyblade X winder launchers / rippers and string launchers / beylaunchers. Made from sturdy plastic, with a tight fitting design (to provide a strong connection between the Beyblade grip and the launcher). The Beyblade X launcher grip is sure to improve your game, and increase your win-ratio!

  • Beyblade X Launcher Grip (BX-11)
  • Takara Tomy
  • Japanese Version
  • Compatible With All Beyblade X Launchers And String Launchers
  • Increases Stability, Accuracy, Speed, And Power
  • Accessory Type: Grip
  • Series: Beyblade X
  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • Model: BX-11
  • MPN: BLK-BX11
  • UPC: 4904810910787
  • Brand New, In Retail Packaging

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