Beyblade Metal Face Bolts
Solid Metal Beyblade Face Bolt (Silver)
Metal Fusion Beyblade Metal Face Bolt

Beyblade Metal Face Bolts (8 Pack)

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Silver Beyblade Metal Face Bolts (8pcs). Add extra weight to your Beyblades with these custom Beyblade face bolt parts! These solid metal Beyblade face bolts weigh 7.2 grams each. These facebolt pieces are heavier than the "heavy" MF and MF2 face bolts (which only weigh 5.3 grams). The perfectly flat surface on the head of the bolt makes it easy to stick your Beyblade stickers on them.

Compatible with ALL Beyblades (except for Shogun Steel and Beyblade Burst). Perfect for your Metal Beyblades (Metal Fury series, Metal Masters, Metal Fusion, Metal Fight, Metal Saga). Metal screws / facebolts are one of the best Beyblade accessories for battling. This 8 pack of Beyblade Metal Fusion face bolts will add even more power to your bey (specially defense types beys). High quality custom Beyblade parts. You get 8pcs total (8-pack!)

  • Beyblade Metal Face Bolts (8-Pack)
  • Compatible With ALL Beyblades (Except For Shogun Steel And Beyblade Burst)
  • Solid Metal - Each Face Bolt Weighs 7.2 Grams
  • Heaviest Beyblade Face Bolts On The market!
  • Adds More Power To Your Beyblades
  • Perfectly Flat Bolt Surface Makes Sticker Placement Easy
  • Color: Silver
  • 8pcs (8-Pack)

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