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Best Selling Takara Tomy Metal Fusion Beyblades

Takara Tomy Diablo Nemesis
Takara Tomy Phantom Orion
Takara Tomy Twisted Tempo
Takara Tomy Meteo L Drago
Takara Tomy Cosmic Pegasus
Takara Tomy L Drago Destructor
Takara Tomy Hell Kerbecs
Takara Tomy Gravity Destroyer
Takara Tomy Storm Pegasus

About Our Takara Tomy Metal Fusion Beyblade Toys

Let it rip! Prepare to dominate the bey stadium if you buy one of our high quality Takara Tomy Metal Fusion Beyblades. Rest assured that any bey that you buy from us is a high quality Takara Tomy product. We sell the super high quality Japanese version Beyblades, along with accessories and launchers to go with them. Add more power to your custom Beyblade with our custom metal face bolt packs. Need a more powerful launch? Then be sure to buy one of our powerful string launchers!

Our goal at BeyStation.com is to carry only the best, highest quality Beyblade tops. And we have found that the Takara Tomy brand is as good as you can get (which is why that is the only brand that we sell). We have tons of different Metal Fusion Beyblades to choose from, as well as popular beys from the Metal fight series, Metal Masters, Metal Fury, Metal Saga, and even Shogun steel. All of our Metal Fight Beyblades are completely brand new, and most of them are "starter sets" (which means that they even come with a high quality Takara Tomy launcher / ripper).

When you order from us, your order will ship on the sameĀ  business day (Monday - Friday), as long as the order is placed by 3pm eastern time or earlier. And we use super fast USPS ground advantage or priority mail, so you will usually receive your order within 2-5 business days! We also have an ironclad 60-Day Return Policy for any and all orders. Here at BeyStation.com, customer satisfaction is always our main priority!