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About Our Beyblade Spinning Tops

Here at BeyStation.com you will find that we have many Japanese Takara Tomy Beyblades in stock, on hand. We take pride in our vast selection of high quality Beyblade toys and accessories. We have all of the Takara Tomy L Drago Beyblades on sale, and we even carry the left spin string launchers for them too. We have L-Drago Destroy, Meteo L Drago, The Ryuga Beyblade, and L Drago Destructor Beyblade toys and starter sets. The beys that we sell are all brand new, in their original box (unopened.)

If you are looking for some serious spin stealing power, then the L Drago Beyblade tops are exactly what you want. L Dragon has rubber on its' wheel which allows it to literally spin steal and drain the spinning momentum from other Beys. El Drago Beyblades are all attack style, and they all have the same relentless aggression in the stadium. They are arguably the most popular Beyblade tops ever made, and they are certainly amongst the most feared.

Don't stop with just L-Drago though; we also carry many other great Beys, including other left spin Beyblades. You can check out our selection by using the links posted above. And you can be confident with your purchase, because at BeyStation.com, we have a No Questions Asked 60-Day Return Policy for all orders. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed with any order that you place, or we will give you all of your money back - with no strings attached.