Takara Tomy Hades Kerbecs Beyblade
Takara Tomy Hell Kerbecs BD145DS
Takara Hades Kerbecs BB-99 Launcher

Hades Kerbecs Beyblade Hell Kerbecs BD145DS BB-99 Takara Tomy

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Takara Tomy Hades Kerbecs Beyblade / Hell Kerbecs BD145DS (BB-99) Starter Set - With Launcher Included. *NOTE: "Hell Kebecs BD145DS" and "Hades Kerbecs BD145DS" are both the SAME EXACT BEYBLADE, other than the name marked on their boxes. The Japanese Takara Tomy version has the name "Hell Kerbecs" marked on the box. This is the Japanese version Takara Tomy Hell Kerbecs Beyblade. Comes with light launcher 2 ripper right in the box!

Dominate the bey stadiums with this powerful stamina type Beyblade! Hades Kerbecs is known for having an incredible amount of stamina in the arena - in fact, it is the second longest spinning Beyblade ever created! The only Beyblade known to spin longer than the Hades Kerbecs Beyblade, is the Phantom Orion Beyblade spinning top. However, when it comes to actual battling power, Hell Kerbecs can usually defeat Phantom Orion. Known for being an amazingly aggressive stamina Beyblade, the Takara Tomy Hell Kerbecs BD145DS Beyblade is hard to beat.

This Metal Masters Hades Kerbecs BB-99 Beyblade toy spinning top comes with everything needed to start playing. Includes Beyblade ripper / launcher, spin track, face bolt, performance tip, plastic clear wheel, metal fusion wheel, face bolt, stickers, and assembling tool / wrench. Works with ALL of the other Metal Beyblades and Beyblade launchers from the Metal series (Metal Masters Beyblades, Shogun Steel series, Metal Fusion Beyblades, Metal Fury Beyblades, Metal Fight Beyblades, and Metal Saga Beyblades.) The real Hades Kerbecs owner is Damian Hart, in the TV series. High quality Takara Tomy Hell Kerbecs BB-99 Beyblade top.

  • Takara Tomy Hades Kerbecs Beyblade BB-99 (BD145DS)
  • Also Known As The Hell Kerbecs Beyblade
  • Includes Light Launcher 2 Ripper (LL2)
  • Includes Energy Ring / Plastic Clear Wheel (Kerbecs)
  • Includes Metal Wheel (Hades)
  • Includes Face Bolt
  • Includes Spin Track (BD145)
  • Includes Performance Tip (DS)
  • Includes Sticker Set
  • Hybrid Wheel System (HWS Beyblade)
  • Beyblade Weight: 53 Grams (Fully Assembled)
  • Type: Stamina / Right Spin
  • Series: Metal Masters
  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • Model: BB-99
  • MPN: BD-145-DS-BB99
  • UPC: 4904810377504
  • Compatible With ALL Right Spin Launchers And Beyblade String Launchers (Except For Burst)
  • Japanese Version Hades Kerbecs Takara Tomy Beyblade Toy
  • Brand New, In Box, Factory Sealed

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