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Beyblade Starter Sets With String Launchers And Regular Rippers

Takara Tomy Diablo Nemesis X:D
Takara Tomy Phantom Orion B:D
Takara Tomy Twisted Tempo 145WD (Basalt Horogium)
Takara Tomy Meteo L Drago LW105LF
Takara Tomy Cosmic Pegasus F:D
Takara Tomy L Drago Destructor F:S
Takara Tomy Hell Kerbecs BD145DS
Takara Tomy Gravity Destroyer AD145WD
Takara Tomy Lightning L-Drago 100HF

About Our Takara Tomy Beyblade String Launchers

Our string Beyblade launchers and Beyblade battling tops are all high quality and provide excellent performance. We only carry the best - which is why we only sell high quality Japanese Takara Tomy Beyblades here at! All of the Takara Tomy Beyblade string launchers for sale on our website are brand new lr beylaunchers, and are ready to rip. We have both left spin and right spin string rippers, and we also have the dual LR Beyblade string launchers, which can spin in either direction.

If you want to get the best rip possible when battling in the bey stadium, then pull cord lr launchers are certainly the best way to go. Takara Tomy string beylaunchers provide super powerful rips, ease of use, and superior consistent launches. If you want to launch your bey with great power, then you will definitely want to buy a Beyblade Metal fusion string launcher LR bb-80 ripper. Also, the string Bey Launchers that we sell are very durable, and tend to last much longer than standard bey launcher LR rippers.

All of the pull cord launchers that we carry are high quality Beyblade accessories. Most of what we carry are the classic Beyblade Metal Fusion Takara Tomy string launchers (Japanese version). If you want the real deal, then be sure to buy our real string beylauncher lr bb-115 launcher, which is one of the best rippers on the market. Be sure to grab one, so you can gain an edge on your competition!

You can shop with confidence at BeyStation, because all purchases are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 60-Day Return Policy (with no questions asked.) We strive for exceptional customer service. Also, we ship orders on the same business day (Monday - Friday), with tracking number included.