Metal Fusion Beyblade Stadium BB-10 BeyStadium
Beyblade Metal Fusion Stadium BB10 Tornado Attack
Beyblade Metal Fusion Stadium Beyblade Arena
Beyblade Stadium

Metal Fusion Beyblade Stadium BB-10 Tornado Attack Type BB10 BeyStadium Arena - HEAVY DUTY

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Metal Fusion Beyblade Stadium (BB-10) Tornado Attack BeyStadium - HEAVY DUTY Thick Plastic Version.

This High Quality Beyblade Metal Fusion Stadium Will NOT Break (Because it Has Much Thicker Plastic Than The Cheaper, Lower Quality Stadiums!)

Compatible With Metal Fusion Beyblades, Metal Fury Beyblades, Metal Masters Beyblades, Metal Beyblades, Metal Fight Beyblades, Shogun Steel Beyblades, Beyblade Burst Beyblades, And More!

This Beyblade arena Works Great For Attack Type Beyblades, Due to The Raised Ridge Design. Also Works Great For Defense, Balance, And Stamina Type Beyblades. This is the clear Beyblade Metal Fusion Stadium.

The Beyblade BB-10 Stadium is arguably the best metal fusion stadium ever made. This is the clear tornado stadium version, and it is incredibly durable and tough. This BB10 Beyblade stadium is the most popular metal fusion beystadium arena ever made.

Unbranded Version - Comes in Non-Retail Packaging.

  • Metal Fusion Beyblade Stadium (BB-10)
  • Extremely Durable - Will NOT Easily Break!
  • Super High Quality
  • Designed For Metal Series Beyblades (Metal Fusion, Metal Fury, Metal Masters, Shogun Steel)
  • This Beyblade Metal Fusion Stadium is Also Compatible With Beyblade Burst
  • Features a "Tornado Ridge" (Great For Attack Type Beyblades)
  • Excellent For ALL Beyblade Types (Attack, Defense, Stamina, And Balance)
  • Made With Heavy Duty Extra Thick Plastic
  • BB-10 Beyblade Tornado Stadium
  • Clear Plastic Color Beyblade Arena
  • Diameter: 15"
  • Height: 3.25"
  • Model: BB-10
  • MPN: BB10-MFB
  • Unbranded
  • Brand New (Comes in Non-Retail Packaging)

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