Beyblade Burst Launcher Grip

Beyblade Burst Launcher Grip

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Beyblade Burst Launcher Grip (B-40). Compatible With ALL Beyblade Burst Launchers, Rippers, And String BeyLaunchers. NOT Compatible With Metal Series Beyblades (this grip is ONLY compatible with Beyblade Burst.) If you want a more stable, accurate, and powerful launch, then this grip is exactly what you need!

The B-40 Beyblade Burst grip makes it much easier to hold onto any type of launcher (especially the string launchers.) This allows you to focus more on power and rip speed, and it also prevents the handle of string launchers from slapping into your fingers when it retracts. This handy tool will certainly improve your game, your win ratio, and will make your experience even more enjoyable.

This is the black and white version (which is the most common color for the Beyblade Burst launcher grips.) This Burst launcher grip is unbranded, but it is very high quality, and it is extremely durable. It will last a long time, even when under heavy use. You will find that it is very easy to attach and detach this grip from your rippers and string launchers. Note: this product comes in Non-Retail Packaging (and it does not include a box.)

  • Beyblade Burst Launcher Grip (B-40)
  • Compatible With ALL Beyblade Burst Launchers, Rippers, And String Launchers
  • NOT Compatible With Metal Series Beyblades (Only Compatible With Burst)
  • Greatly Increases Stability And Control
  • Increases The Power And Accuracy of Your Launches
  • Grips And Holds Your Launcher Firmly in Place
  • Made From Durable Plastic (Super Rugged Design)
  • Works With Burst String Launchers (BeyLaunchers)
  • Works With Regular Burst Launchers / Rippers
  • Series: Beyblade Burst
  • Brand: Unbranded
  • Model: B-40
  • MPN: BBL-B40
  • Color: White / Black
  • Comes In Non-Retail Packaging (No Box Included)
  • Brand New

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