Black L Drago Beyblade
Takara Tomy L Drago Black Beyblade Kyokuryuu Version

Black L Drago Beyblade Takara Tomy

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Takara Tomy Black L Drago Beyblade (Metal Fusion). Launcher is NOT Included (Beyblade only). This is the Black version of Lightning L Drago 100HF (BB-43). It is EXACTLY the same as Lightning L-Drago - the only difference is the color. Also known as Kyokuryuu Version L Drago Black. Just like all of the other L Drago Beys, this is a left spin style Beyblade, and it is capable of spin stealing from your competition!

The Black Lightning L-Drago Beyblade is fairly rare, so it makes a great addition to your Beyblade collection. But this bey is also extremely powerful, and will do very well against any type of bey that you put it up against. L-Drago Black is from the Metal Fusion series / Metal series. Kyokuryuu L Drago is a Japanese Takara Tomy Beyblade.

  • Takara Tomy Black L Drago Beyblade
  • This is The Gold Version of Lightning L-Drago 100HF
  • Also Known As "Kyokuryuu Version L Drago"
  • Spin Steal Capable
  • Includes Fusion Wheel (Lightning)
  • Includes Energy Ring (L Drago)
  • Includes Spin Track (100)
  • Includes Performance Tip (HF)
  • Includes Face Bolt
  • Includes Stickers
  • Beyblade Type: Attack
  • Series: Metal Fusion
  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • Model: BB43-Black
  • MPN: 100-HF-BB-43-Black
  • Compatible With Metal Series Left-Spin Launchers Only
  • Brand New (In Box)
  • Launcher NOT INCLUDED

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