Takara Tomy Super Hyperion Beyblade
Super Hyperion Beyblade
Takara Tomy Super Hyperion B-159

Takara Tomy Super Hyperion Beyblade Burst B-159

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Takara Tomy Super Hyperion Beyblade Burst (B-159). Launcher is NOT included. Includes all of the proper parts for full assembly. Brand new and in retail packaging. Note: this is not a starter set, so it does not include a launcher. Includes everything except for the launcher (most Beyblade Burst Beyblades do NOT come with a launcher). Only compatible with Beyblade Burst series launchers and rippers.

Super Hyperion .Xc 1A is one of the most powerful and well known beys from the Beyblade Burst Surge series. It is very good at attacking other beys, and it can certainly hold its' own against just about another other Burst Beyblade out there. The Super Hyperion.Xc 1A Beyblade is an attack style bey, but it also has a very respectable defense, along with a pretty good amount of stamina.

You won't be disappointed with the performance of Super Hyperion Xceed 1A (and your opponents will certainly respect its' power in the arena). Also known as Hyperion shy.xc 1a - which is a sparking superking beyblade. This is a Japanese Beyblade, made by Takara Tomy. Super high quality, and ready for battle right out of the box (just put it together, and let it rip!) Compatible with any right spin Beyblade Burst launcher.

  • Takara Tomy Super Hyperion Beyblade
  • Japanese Version (TT)
  • Includes Ring (Super)
  • Includes Chassis (1A)
  • Includes Bottom Performance Tip (Xceed)
  • Includes Sparking Superking Chip (Hyperion 1)
  • Includes Stickers
  • Super King Layer System
  • Type: Attack
  • Spin Direction: Right Spin
  • Series: Beyblade Burst Surge
  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • Model: B-159
  • MPN: Xc-1A-B159
  • UPC: 4904810157182
  • Only Compatible With Beyblade Burst Launchers And Rippers
  • Japanese Super Hyperion Takara Tomy Beyblade
  • Brand New, In Retail Box
  • Launcher is NOT INCLUDED

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