Why Are The L Drago Beyblades So Popular?

Here at BeyStation we have been selling Takara Tomy Beyblades for many years, and we have definitely noticed a trend when it comes to the most popular Beyblades that we sell on our website (along with other places as well.) So which beys do we sell the most of? The answer to that is simple: the L-Drago Beyblades! But to break things down and be a little more specific, we will go into detail on the actual L Drago models, and why each one is popular. Below you will find the most popular models, ranked from most popular to least popular.

#1 - Meteo L Drago

Hands down our most popular L Drago is our Takara Tomy Meteo L Drago Beyblade (which is from the super popular Metal Masters series). Most likely the main reason for this is because of the fact that Meteo comes with a string launcher (aka a "beylauncher") ripper. This launcher is left spin only, but it does work with ANY of the L Drago's, because they are all left spin. And on top of that, Meteo is also arguably the most powerful of the L Drago's, and it also has a really unique and super cool look to it as well. And like all of the other L-Drago Beyblade models, it is an "attack" style bey.

#2 - L Drago Destroy (Also Known As L-Drago Destructor)

Meteo may be the most popular, but L Drago Destroy / Destructor is definitely a very close second. Unlike Meteo, L Drago Destructor only comes with a regular (left spin) ripper. While this is still a good launcher, it certainly isn't as good as a string BeyLauncher. But launchers aside, L Drago Destructor is a very, VERY powerful attack style Beyblade, and some people even think that its power surpases Meteo's and Lightning's. Bottom line you can't go wrong with Destroy!

#3 - Lightning L Drago

Our Takara Tomy Lightning L Drago Beyblade is a very popular Metal Fusion Beyblade, from the MF series. Not lacking in power by any means, lightning is definitely a fierce competitor any day of the week, and is sure to be respected in the stadium. Just like Meteo, Lighting L Drago comes with a string Beyblade launcher (left spin style). Unique to the Meteo and Destroy Beyblades, LL Drago is mostly white in color, and it is also a bit smaller in size compared to them. This allows for it to spin super fast though, making it a very agile attack Beyblade. This bey makes a great addition to your fleet of Beys.

#4 - Gold L Drago

Last but certainly not least, is our classic Gold L Drago Beyblade, which is nearly as popular as the other 3 L Drago's that we sell. Featuring a very unique gold color, this one is sure to please any Beyblade collector. Somewhat are and limited edition, this one is getting harder and harder to find. Basically our Gold L Drago is a gold version of L Drago Destructor, and is also sometimes referred to as "Armored L Drago" because of its' appearance. Unlike the other L Drago's for sale on our website, this one does NOT include a launcher. However, it does work with any of the left spin launchers from the Metal Series.


All of the L-Drago Beys that we sell are very popular, and they all perform amazingly well in the arena. While some are more popular than others, you can't go wrong with ANY of the L-Drago Beyblades that we carry. If you don't already have a left spin string launcher, you may want to go with one of the ones that comes with a string beylauncher. And again, keep in mind that our L Drago Gold does NOT come with ANY sort of launcher / ripper. Also, depending on what style you like, or what your favorite color is, you may want to make your decision based on that.

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