What is The Most Powerful Beyblade?

One of the most common questions we have been asked is: "what is the most powerful Beyblade?" While this is a very good (and legitimate) question, you first need to understand that the Beyblade that you use isn't the only factor, when it comes to winning battles in the arena. And on top of that, the type of launcher that you use also makes a difference, as does the type of bey stadium (certain Beyblades perform better in certain types of stadiums.)

Another important thing to keep in mind is the quality of the Beyblade that you are using. As long as you are using a name brand Beyblade, this won't be a factor. But if you are using one of the cheap / junk beys (cheap brand, or unbranded), then you are already at a HUGE disadvantage if going up against a name brand bey.

And last but definitely not least, there is of course, the ACTUAL BEYBLADE that you are using, which is indeed another big factor. But before we even get into that, it is only fair that we first talk about the other factors involved. We will now go into detail about jus that.

One of The Biggest Factors in Winning a Beyblade Battle is How Good of a Launch You Get!

In fact, I think it is fair to say that getting a good launch / rip is actually MORE important than the actual Beyblade that you are using. Unfortunately many people do not understand this. You would be amazed at how often we see a weaker Beyblade defeating a more powerful Bey, simply because the weaker bey was launcher much faster and harder than the more powerful one.

To get the most powerful launch from your launcher, you need to keep a firm grip on it, and hold it in a way that you arm / hand doesn't move when you spin the Beyblade. HINT: the closer you keep your hand to your body, the less it will move when you launch your bey. Keeping your arm close to your body makes your hand way more stable when launching. And the less your launcher moves when you spin your Beyblade, the more powerful (and fast) the spin will be.

Another important thing to do when launching, is to make sure the launcher is as level and parallel to the stadium as it can be. Otherwise, the Beyblade will be tilted to one side when it hits the stadium, and it will immediately go to one side (and usually bounce of the wall of the arena, causing it to lose momentum.)

One last trick for getting a good, powerful launch, is to ALWAYS try to pull the ripper (or pull cord) as FAST as possible. I'm not talking about as hard as possible, but as FAST as possible. This one is probably pretty obvious, but the faster you physically pull your ripper or pull cord, the faster the Beyblade spins. And the faster you can spin your Bey, the better the chances are of winning the battle!

Only Use High Quality, Name Brand Beyblades - or Prepare to LOSE OFTEN!

Unfortunately not all Beyblades are made equal when it comes to quality, weight, and performance. Not even close in fact. So with that being said, if you intend to compete against other bladers, you will definitely want to be using a name brand Beyblade (because you can bet that your competition most likely will be.)

It seems that there are now tons of cheaper, lower quality Beyblades on the market. Avoid these like the plague. Fortunately there is a VERY easy way to avoid this: ONLY buy Takara Tomy or Hasbro brand Beyblades. These are the ONLY good name brands out there, when it comes to Beyblades. If you buy anything other than Takara Tomy or Hasbro, you will be greatly disappointed!

Also, to make things even worse, many of the lower quality, cheaper brands of beys don't even come with a launcher. In fact, many times, they don't even come with the correct Beyblade parts. Many of them are all just packaged with a generic part or piece, rather than the specific part (such as a performance tip) that is supposed to come with a specific Beyblade.

So why are the cheaper brands of Beyblades inferior vs the name brand ones?

  • They weigh much less than real Beyblades / name brand Beyblades (that alone puts them at a SERIOUS disadvantage)
  • They come with lower quality parts and pieces, which makes them break much easier (and is also part of the reason why their overall weight is less)
  • They don't even come with a launcher most of the time (and if they DO, it is a very low quality one)
  • More often than not, they don't even come with the correct parts or pieces (specific to the Beyblade that you purchased)
  • They are poorly molded and not properly balanced, which makes them unstable when spinning (this usually hinders their movement, and overall performance)

Now that we have THAT out of the way, we can now move on, and talk about the original question at hand, which is:

What is The Most Powerful Beyblade Ever Made?

In our experience (and in the experience of the many OTHER people that we have talked to), there are actually TWO Beyblades that really come to mind, when it comes to the "most powerful" Beyblade. And these two Beyblades are none other than Diablo Nemesis and Basalt Horogium (also known as the "Twisted Tempo" Beyblade.)

You see, the numbers don't lie. And when it comes to numbers, we have found that overall, Diablo Nemesis and Basalt Horgium / Twisted Tempo win more battles than any of the other Beyblades. And again, we have talked to many other people that say the same exact thing, time and time again.

The only exception to the above, would be some of the illegal (non legitimate) Beyblade combos and "Synchrome" combinations. But in our opinion those don't even count, since they aren't allowed in Beyblade competitions anyways.

So why are Diablo and Basalt so powerful? One of the biggest advantages that BOTH of these beys have, is the fact they are literally the two heaviest Beyblades ever made. And since weight is a HUGE factor when it comes to power, it is easy to see why Diablo and Basalt are such powerful Beyblades. And honestly, we definitely feel that the WEIGHT of these two beys is the sole reason why they are arguably the most powerful Beyblades ever made.

So where you can buy these Beyblades? Right here at BeyStation.com, if you choose! We sell Takara Tomy Diablo Nemesis and Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium / Twisted Tempo (along with many other Beyblades and accessories.) So if you don't already own these fearsome beys, we highly recommend that you buy them - trust us, you won't be disappointed!

And before we wrap things up, we are sure that you have one more burning question, which most likely is: "who is more powerful? Diablo Nemesis or Basalt Horogium?"

Diablo Nemesis VS Basalt Horogium / Twisted Tempo

Takara Tomy Diablo Nemesis


Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Twisted Tempo

Basically when it comes to Diablo VS Basalt, it is VERY close (and it usually depends on who gets the better launcher.) After many tests, and many, MANY battles, we can honestly say that these two Beyblades have pretty much the same win ratio when battling against each other.

However, we have to say, when using either of these two Beyblades against DIFFERENT Beyblades, we have found that Basalt Horogium / Twisted Tempo seems to win a bit more often than Diablo Nemesis. But even then, the win ratio is still so close, that it would seem wrong to say that either one of the beys is more powerful than the other.

Basically it is a matter of personal preference, when deciding which one to buy. If you like defense style Beyblades, go with Basalt Horogium, since it is a "defense" style bey. If you like more aggressive beys, then go with Diablo, which is a "balance" style bey, with an optional attack mode setting. But know that EITHER one of these Beyblades is a GREAT choice, because in our opinion, they are BOTH the most powerful Beyblades that you can get.

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