Takara Tomy Poison Serpent Beyblade
Metal Fusion Poison Serpent SW145SD

Takara Tomy Poison Serpent Beyblade BB-69 SW145SD Metal Fusion

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Japanese Takara Tomy Poison Serpent Beyblade BB-69 (SW145SD) - With Launcher Included. P Serpent is a great addition to any bey bladers collection; it is a powerful Balance style Beyblade with a good amount of attack power. The symmetrical, round shape of this Beyblade also gives it a good deal of defense as well. Also known as the dreaded "snake Beyblade" - Poison Serpent SW145SD is ferocious in the Beyblade stadium!

Brand new, factory sealed in retail box. Comes with all the proper parts - includes everything you need to battle, right inside the box. Includes track, tip / bottom, plastic wheel, metal fusion wheel, face bolt, assembling wrench, stickers, and official Takara Tomy light launcher ripper. This old Beyblade Metal Fusion Poison Serpent BB-69 Beyblade is very popular amongst bladers. It is an authentic, original Beyblade toy top.

This is a right spin, "balance" Beyblade top (the spin direction is right-spin only). Compatible with ANY launchers, rippers, and string launchers from the old Metal Beyblades / Metal Fusion Beyblades / Metal Masters / Metal Fury. NOT compatible with Beyblade Burst Beyblades. Genuine / real Beyblade battling top toy, from the classic Metal Fusion series. The real Poison Serpent owner is Reiji Mizuchi. This classic Beyblade is a must-have for any serious blader!

  • Authentic Takara Tomy Poison Serpent Beyblade (BB-69)
  • Also Known As "P Serpent SW145SD"
  • Japanese Version (Imported)
  • Includes Metal Fusion Wheel (Poison)
  • Includes Clear Wheel / Energy Ring (Serpent)
  • Includes Plastic Face Bolt
  • Includes Spin Track (SW145 - Switch 145)
  • Includes Performance Tip (SD - Semi Defense)
  • Includes Sticker Set
  • Hybrid Wheel System (HWS Beyblade)
  • Type: Balance
  • Series: Metal Fusion
  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • Model: BB-69
  • MPN: SW-145-SD-BB69
  • UPC: 4904810342236
  • Compatible With ALL Right Spin Launchers And String Launchers (Except For Beyblade Burst Launchers)
  • Genuine Poison Serpent Takara Tomy Beyblade
  • Brand New - In Retail Box

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