Takara Tomy Variares Beyblade
Takara Tomy Variares D:D Beyblade Toy
Variares BB-114 DD Bey

Takara Tomy Variares Beyblade BB-114 D:D (Metal Fury) - With Dual Spin Launcher LR

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Takara Tomy Variares Beyblade (BB-114) Starter Set - Includes Light Launcher LR Dual Spin Beyblade Launcher. Be a master of the stadium with this dual spin, dual mode Beyblade! Capable of left spin or right spin, and automatically switches from attack mode to defense mode, based on current spin velocity. Comes with everything you need to battle (4D wheel, 4D bottom, face bolt, decal set, bey wrench, and original Beyblade launcher LR.)

This classic Beyblade has been one of the best beys for many years - it will always be at the top of the list when it comes to powerful Beyblades. This brand new Takara Tomy Variares D:D Beyblade top is very unique, because it can spin in either direction (left or right.) And the launcher that it comes with can do both spin directions as well.

Variares also has another unique function; it starts out in attack mode, then switches to defense mode after it starts to spin slower. When first launched, it has plastic triangular pieces that are tucked inside, but once it starts to lose speed, the plastic triangles protrude outward (which puts it in defense mode.) This disables its' smash attack, but greatly increases its' defensive capability.

Annihilate the competition with ease. The incredibly powerful Takara Tomy Variares BB-114 Beyblade toy has a devastating "smash attack" that knocks the other real Beyblades right out of the arena. This powerful old Beyblade Metal Fury Variares D:D bey spinning top is more than a match for even the most powerful of beys. The real Variares owner is King, in the Metal Fusion series. This is one bey that you won't want to pass up - the destruction that it unleashes in the stadium is legendary!

  • Takara Tomy Variares Beyblade Toy
  • Dual-Spin Capable!
  • Dual-Mode (Switches From Attack Mode To Defense Mode Automatically)
  • Includes Dual-Spin Light Launcher LR Ripper
  • Includes 4D Fusion Wheel (Variares)
  • Includes 4D Bottom (D:D)
  • Includes Face Bolt
  • Includes Decal Set
  • Includes Bey Wrench / Assembly Tool
  • 4D System / Hyperblade
  • Total Weight: 44 Grams
  • Type: Attack / Defense
  • Series: Metal Fury
  • Brand: Takara Tomy
  • Model: BB-114
  • MPN: DD-BB114
  • UPC: 4904810428114
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: All Metal Series Beyblades, Launchers, And String Beylaunchers
  • NOT Compatible With Burst Beyblades / Burst Launchers
  • Japanese Variares Takara Tomy Beyblade
  • Brand New

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