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Best Selling Takara Tomy Metal Beyblades

Takara Tomy Diablo Nemesis
Takara Tomy Phantom Orion
Takara Tomy Basalt Horogium Twisted Tempo
Takara Tomy Meteo L Drago
Takara Tomy Big Bang Pegasus Cosmic
Takara Tomy L Drago Destructor Destroy
Takara Tomy Hell Kerbecs Hades
Takara Tomy Gravity Perseus Destroyer
Takara Tomy Storm Pegasus

About Our Takara Tomy Metal Beyblade Toys

We carry many different authentic / genuine Takara Tomy Metal Beyblades and starter sets. We only sell 100% genuine, completely brand new Takara Tomy products. We have been selling Takara Tomy brand products for many years now, because we believe that they are the best brand in the toy industry. They are a Japanese brand, and are of the highest quality that you can buy. We stand behind this brand, as do all of our loyal customers.

We also carry some Beyblade accessories and Bey launchers / rippers. We have some high quality customer Bey face bolts, along with official Takara string launchers (both left spin and right spin style). We have all of the most popular old metal Beyblades on sale, from Metal Fusion to Shogun steel. We even carry Beyblade Burst models as well. We are always adding more and more beys to our website, so make sure to come back and visit us from time to time, to see what we have.

Your purchase is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, which we proudly offer for ALL purchases made through or BeyStation.com website. Not only do we ship orders amazingly fast (and generally on the same day), we also have a 60-Day Return Policy, which is far above the industry standard!